How do I find the activities I’m signed up for and their locations?

You received an email with your activity assignments. See the map here for activity locations.

I don’t like my assigned activities. How do I switch?

When we were assigning folks to breakout groups, there were a couple of things we were keeping in mind: 

1) Accommodating everyone’s preferences, and 

2) Creating opportunities for everyone to meet someone new. That means we were intentional to mix up friend groups, couples, and family members. 

Making changes at this point is really difficult. If we change your schedule, it impacts everyone else’s schedules. 

That being said, we want everyone to have a good time. So you can let us know if you need a change made. For example, if you physically can’t do one of your assigned activities. 

Bonus points if you can find someone to swap with you! You can totally facilitate your own swaps. 

Which activities are “always open”?

You’ve found yourself with some free time on the ranch? Check these out:

Who is this event for?

George, Sachi, and our investors (friends and family).

Are you having a ceremony?

No. No vows, no ring exchange, no first dance.

Wait, this is a three-day commitment?!?!

We’d love to have you for as much time as you’re able to spare. That being said, we know you’ve got lots of stuff going on in your life too. And if it doesn’t work for you to join, or to attend all the events, we understand. When you fill out the RSVP form, just let us know which part(s) will work for you.

What is the dress code?

We’ll let you know ahead of time which breakout groups you’ll be in, so you can pack accordingly. Gym shorts are recommended.

Friday is a casual outdoor dinner– nothing fancy. Saturday evening, you can wear something you think looks nice. Sachi is going to wear a dress and George will be in jeans and a blazer. 

Business casual optional.

What kind of gifts do you want?

Investors don't bring gifts to offsites. 

You've already invested heavily, and we're grateful.

Also, we live in a one-bedroom apartment that can’t accommodate any more objects, and we even have overflow things in our parents' closets in Sacramento. 

Can I bring all of my children?

Yes, pack 'em up and bring them down. "Baby playground" is a breakout group designed for them. 

Please, no dogs. There isn't a good place to empty them...

Which airport is best?

Which hotel is best?

Most people will be staying at either the Courtyard by Marriott Vacaville or Residence Inn by Marriott.



Let us know if you'll be attending!

Due by March 31, 2023