Investor Offsite

from November 3rd to 5th, 2023

in Vacaville


You’re invited to the first Investor Offsite for preeminent investors worldwide. This exclusive event combines insights, innovation, vision, and, of course, cake.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark with others to develop new synergies that will move our world forward. Unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together. In Vacaville.



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I'm a day-one investor with Sachi & George, and I haven't regretted it for a moment. The results speak for themselves — fantastic ROI and remarkable business strategy! I'm really happy for the two of them and am looking forward to celebrating their commitment very soon. Here's to a lifetime of love and dividends!

Nora, Gab and Hannah

At my parent's recommendation, I evaluated George and Sachi against a range of other passive and active strategies. Their 20+ year history of committed partnership and outperformance convinced me to move over 100% of my piggybank assets. Now, just 2.5 years later, I'm earning more from dividends than my weekly allowance! Here's to continued double digit yields!


In the beginning of my investor journey, I was looking for a brand that had an emphasis on SROI and I was lucky enough to come across Sachi and George. Since my initial investment, I have watched their hockey stick revenue growth and couldn't be more pleased to be a part of the journey. Looking forward to our next steps.

Jeri and Dick

We invested in Sachi the day she emerged as a startup and later in George and Sachi when they decided to form an unofficial joint venture. We have not been disappointed. For several years we have studied their individual and collective assets and liabilities and are delighted that they have decided to officially merge. We are confident that their upcoming merger will result in significant societal and personal growth yielding immeasurable rewards.


I've been a happy investor of Sachi & George since 2007. Despite their beta test period spanning more than half their lives, I've always fully bought into their partnership vision. I truly believe the V2 of Sachi & George, code name Sarge, is the disruptor the world really needs right now, although I do wonder how much marriage tax benefits have informed this pivot.  I'm very excited to celebrate the launch at the Investor Offsite later this year, but I'm mainly looking forward to the bag-o-salad lunches!

Liam, Leanna and Brenton

I have been an investor in the merger between George and Sachi, Geoachi, for my entire life. Investing in this new bond is one I can really sink my three teeth in. This is a family run business that has love as it's core value without sacrificing objectivity and has high yield returns. By the time I'm 20, I fully anticipate Geoachi to be a Fortune 500 company. Invest in them early in life like I have!  


George and Sachi Industries (GSI, dba Sachi and George) is one of my best investments of the past 15 years. Its execs have taken an extremely long-term approach and built organically. I believe this extraordinary patience has really prioritized investors and produced a formidable moat. GSI is built to last, and its governance and financial structure should withstand any storm, but I'm also reassured by its tremendous book value as a backstop. I'm looking forward to the offsite because GSI has done a magnificent job cultivating top-tier long-term-oriented investors. See you there!


They have iterated! They have executed! And ultimately, these co-founders decided to pivot to a government-regulated, legally recognized structure. They may not be making any money yet, but they’ve reached a major milestone and are preparing their platform for hockey-stick growth in their family size.

At some point, they’ll have to appeal to the general public but for now, they can bask in the honeymoon stage of an ideal venture capital-backed partnership.

With their shared vision, hard work, and dedication, we're sure that they'll achieve great things.




This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow your network, develop synergies, and celebrate the performance of your investments.



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